Beth Shankle Anderson Headshot
Hi Everyone!  My name is Beth Shankle Anderson.  In addition to being a full-time fashion and beauty blogger at The Style Bouquet and my work as an attorney, I began this blog as a source of motivation and inspiration.  This blog was created out of my passion for a life of learning through the masters about personal development.  I have made it my mission to keep you uplifted!

The Success Design Story

For over five years, I had a radio show on BlogTalkRadio called “The Success Design”.  This was before I started blogging about anything related to fashion and beauty although the subjects did come up occasionally.  My main focus for my radio show was personal development.  I hosted various guests who, in one way or another, had life experiences that my listeners could draw from and learn about and then apply to their own lives.  This model proved successful as my viewership numbers were solid (and still are as the show still has listeners). However, after five years, I felt that they show had run its course and it was time for a change.

I then had an epiphany to created a blog called “The Success Design” and redirect all the personal development information that I wanted to share with everyone through this blog.

I hope that you find this medium suitable for learning how to improve your life and find me accessible should you have any questions.